Maple Bacon Hawaiian Roll Turkey Sliders

Hawaiian Roll Turkey Sliders with Maple and Bacon are salty, sweet, cheesy baked turkey sliders on Hawaiian rolls perfect for your party crowd. Easy to assemble, these sliders with Hawaiian rolls are ready in minutes and can be assembled in advance.

side image showing the cooked Hawaiian roll turkey sliders, side by side before separating

Bringing you a NEW slider recipe that has everything you ever wanted in a party bite. Cheesy, salty-sweet, smoky… turkey, bacon, and cheese in pillowy Hawaiian rolls, and a little crisp from butter.

These party sandwiches are perfect!

Oh dear Lord thank you for this inspiration! I know, I know… sliders are done. That corner of the market is Flooded.

side view showing the slider being lifed up to show melty cheese

But is it though? Is it really? Let’s be honest, because as far as I am aware, Hawaiian roll turkey sliders with MAPLE and BACON have not yet been invented. Not until now.

These Hawaiian roll sliders are SO good, SO delicious, and different from anything you have had before.

…just ended a sentence with a preposition. Sorry Mom.

But literally, seriously [and I cannot stress this enough], these turkey sliders on Hawaiian rolls are STELLAR for the reasons that they are party perfect, easy to make, balanced DELICIOUS flavors, and they bake up lickity split.

top view of mayonnaise mixture on the bread

So Just What are Hawaiian Roll Sliders

Sliders using Hawaiian sweet rolls are super trendy, YUMMY little party sandwiches. But we don’t just take the Hawaiian rolls and make regular sandwiches with them. No no on.

No, we make sure we have plenty of cheese, assemble our sliders, brush with butter (generously), wrap in foil, and bake.

And what happens in the oven is magical. The butter soaks in and around the soft, sweet bread. The edges of the rolls get just a little crispy. The cheese gets melty.

It’s all perfect. Yummmm so good.

top view of the turkey layered on the bread

What was the Inspiration for these Hawaiian Bread Sliders

The idea for this recipe for sliders on sweet Hawaiian rolls came during a hurricane. Hurricane Irma hit Florida a couple years ago.

You know, it is amazing how the nesting instinct kicks in with approached doom. My house was Spotless. Because if my home is going to be destroyed, it’s going to be clean.

And… I cooked. I made cookies, cupcakes. Munchie stuff to have ready when the power went out. And I cooked to use up things in the fridge. Like ham and cheese pinwheels using crescent roll dough.

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And ^^these^^ pinwheels, cooincidentally, were very similar to the ham and cheese sliders you see all over the internet anymore.

Except obviously mine were in crescent roll dough because I didn’t have Hawaiian rolls. And I changed up the ingredients with Dijon and dill and such.

BTW, if you ever need a Hawaiian rolls recipe to make your own, here is my RECIPE.

top view of the bacon on the turkey

Anyway, the pinwheels were so tasty, and given the kinda-slider-ish tone to them, I decided to come up with a new slider recipe, but I wanted mine to be completely different from the ham and cheese ones. I wanted it to be my own creation, and hence, this recipe was born.

For THIS slider recipe, my thought process was:

  1. Make fun party slider that hasn’t been done yet.
  2. Use bacon, just because.
  3. Add MAPLE because maple is magic with bacon.

It’s a foodie rule.

What are the Ingredients for Maple Bacon Hawaiian Roll Turkey Sliders

See the recipe card below for more detail on the ingredients plus full instructions.

side view showing the turkey, bacon, and cheese stacked

The ingredients and my new take on these party sandwiches are thusly:

  • Hawaiian sweet rolls
  • mayonnaise
  • maple syrup
  • Dijon mustard
  • deli turkey breast
  • Swiss cheese
  • maple bacon
  • butter
  • smoked paprika

A little sweet from the maple syrup, and a little salty from the bacon. I added Dijon mustard also to the mayonnaise mixture with the maple syrup to cut the sweetness a bit – we don’t want our Hawaiian roll sliders to be cloyingly sweet.

We want harmony, because balanced salty-sweet-tangy is a delicious thing.

side view of the fully assembled turkey sliders on Hawaiian rollssliders

For more slider ideas, check out these recipes

butter being poured over the Hawaiian roll turkey sliders

Steps to Make Turkey Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls

  1. Slice the rolls to split.
  2. Mix the Dijon, maple syrup, minced onion, and mayonnaise.
  3. Spread the mayonnaise mixture on the bottom level of bread.
  4. Top with turkey.
  5. Layer the Swiss cheese.
  6. Top with bacon.
  7. Top with the top level of Hawaiian bread.
  8. Brush with melted butter.
  9. Wrap in foil and bake.
  10. Dust with smoked paprika and serve.

Therefore, all we have to do is line up our ingredients — all of which are easy to find and affordable — and assemble our sliders assembly line-like.

Boom boom boom, knock it out, get it in the oven, and away we go.

view showing the prepared sliders encased in foil

Tips for these Baked Sliders with Bacon and Maple

Making this recipe for sliders with Hawaiian rolls is very straightforward as I outlined above, but that does not mean there aren’t a couple tips to make preparation even easier.

  • Using a long, serrated bread knife is the easiest way to cut horizontally through the whole bank of rolls, without tearing them up, to make the top and bottom layer.
  • Once cooked, these sliders do not just pull apart, and so knowing this, simply run a knife through the partitions before or after cooking.
  • Assemble the sliders on a piece of foil. Then you just have to take a second piece of foil, lay it over, and crimp around the edges with the bottom foil to make a pouch for baking.
  • I have made this with cooked strips of bacon and crumbled bacon, and I actually find the full strips of bacon faster for assembly. They make less mess.
  • Dust LIGHTLY with the smoked paprika at the end. We don’t want a mouthful of dry spice when we bite into our slider, plus a little smoked paprika goes a long way anyway.
side view showing the slider being lifed up to show melty cheese

And can I just call point of order and add that in these photos where I am holding a slider in one hand, camera in the other, on a Sunday after having watched football for more than a few hours, that I got anything in focus is pretty damn good.

Just wanted to note that.

Above all, the stacking of the ingredients was done with PURPOSE and intention and in a particular order. First layer on the bread is the Dijon-maple-onion-mayonnaise to soak into the bottom layer of bread.

The turkey and bacon, and then the Swiss cheese is last so that when it melts it goes in and around the bacon as well as into the top layer of bread.

Everything has its place. Finally, we finish with melted butter that just soaks in around the edges and down around the bottom. The bottom layer of bread benefits the most, because it cooks up divinely crispy buttery. It is all so good!

side view showing the slider being lifed up to show melty cheese

Here are Some of My Favorite Party Food Recipes

So that’s it folks. Crazy delicious, buttery party sliders with turkey, bacon, and sweet maple syrup.

Easy to make and can be assembled in advance. Make my Maple Bacon Hawaiian Roll Turkey Sliders for any occasion or party, and especially football! That’s when I make them.

Maple Bacon Hawaiian Roll Turkey Sliders are salty sweet baked turkey sliders on Hawaiian rolls. Ready in minutes, Hawaiian roll sliders are party perfect!

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side image showing the cooked Hawaiian roll turkey sliders, side by side before separating

Maple Bacon Hawaiian Roll Turkey Sliders

Baked turkey sliders on Hawaiian rolls with crispy salty bacon and sweet maple syrup are ready in minutes and can be assembled in advance.
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Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Hawaiian roll sliders, Hawaiian roll turkey sliders, turkey sliders on Hawaiian rolls
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 18 minutes
Authur: Erica
Servings: 6 people
Calories: 203kcal



  • Heat oven to 350F.
  • Lay a piece of foil on a bake sheet.
  • Lay the Hawaiian rolls on the foil. Use a large knife to slice horizontally through the bread to make a top and bottom layer.
  • In a small bowl, combine the mayonnaise, syrup, Dijon, and minced onion. Spread on the lower layer of Hawaiian bread.
  • Layer the turkey, cheese, and bacon.
  • Top with the upper layer of Hawaiian bread.
  • Spread/pour the malted butter over the assembled sliders. Let sit 5 minutes.
  • Lay another piece of foil over the rolls. Fold and crimp the top layer with the bottom to seal the sliders in a pouch.
  • Bake at 350F for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the top layer of foil. Bake another ~3 minutes or until edges are just a little crispy.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut along the division lines of the rolls to separate individual sliders. Serve warm.


Using the knife to separate sliders can also be done prior to cooking. Just stick them back close “in formation” after so the cheese, butter, and juices can flowww.
These can be assembled a couple hours in advance up to the point of adding the butter. When ready, add the butter, and proceed with the directions as written.


Calories: 203kcal


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