Hi, I’m Erica

Welcome to Erica’s Recipes! I’m Erica, the food nerd behind this little corner of the internet. I’m a scientist by day, but food has always been my love language, and through this blog, I get to share my 580+ recipes with you.

I started Erica’s Recipes in 2005, so I have had this blog long enough that it has taken me through healthy times, spurgy times, vegan times, sad times, happy times, and loads of other “times”. I truly hope you will find a great mix of dishes here to suit your times too.

There are a couple foods that I am especially obsessed with, just FYI: crepes, macaroni and cheese, and, above all, pizza. I love fusion recipes, and these foodstuffs in particular let me have the most fun. Definitely check them out.

photo of Erica

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

backpacking and hiking

Listening to

foo fighters
(the best band ever)

grateful for

my dog Sandy and cat Spiderman

Favorite place

mountains or ocean
(even split)

my weekends

friends and family

Newest Goal

learning to play guitar
(I also paint!)

My Latest Mac and Cheese

My Latest Crepes Recipe

watercolor painting of a mountain scene

Where this all began`

I grew up in New England, spent my twenties in Texas (where I learned to cook), and I now live in Florida with my family. These influences are why my food flavors are an eclectic mix of old and new, north and south.

I am a PhD scientist as my career. I’m also an Army veteran, an Ironman triathlon finisher, and an avid backpacker (despite living in Florida). I also love to paint and recently started learning to play acoustic guitar. I love setting big scary goals and then going through the journey to get there.

Speaking of scary, I also love to cook for a LOT of people. Check out my second blog, Cooking for an Army for quantity recipes to feed lots of people.