41 Recipes That Prove Beer is the Best Ingredient

This collection of 41 recipes with beer as an ingredient will astound you. These are the best I could find, gorgeous photos all, and such deliciousness you will want to try each one.

I have wanted to post a collection of recipes with beer for so long, because cooking with beer is a favorite thing. I put beer in more recipes – appetizers, slow cooker stuff, marinades, and especially all the cheese sauces, even vegan. It’s so easy, so frothy, and that hoppy-awesome flavor just MAKES so many recipes with beer perfect.

One thing I made sure I did was to include a good variety of dishes – a couple with seafood, a couple dips, some stews but not so many stews. Meat and no meat. And of course some sweets because it amazes me that beer is versatile like that. Enjoy!

41 Recipes That Prove Beer is the Best Ingredient

Garlic, Bacon, and Beer Macaroni and Cheese | EricasRecipes.com


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And in case the picture gallery above didn’t load, here are the links.

Appetizers and Party Foods

Buffalo Shrimp Dip

Beer Brats in Blankets with Smoked Gouda Fondue

Garlicky Beer and Tarragon Steamed Mussels

Beer Marinated Fries with Thyme Mayonnaise

Beer Cheese Soup

Soft Beer Pretzels with Beer Cheese Dip

Beer Battered Fried Shrimp Appetizer

Cowboy Queso

Guinness Beer Battered Onion Rings

No-Knead 3 Ingredient Beer Bread

Grilled Beer Kielbasa with Sausage and Stout Queso

Beer Battered Mushrooms with Poblano Beer Queso


Beer Basted BBQ Chicken

Beer Braised Pork Belly (Chinese Style)

Cod with Beer and Mushroom Sauce

Epic Steak Tacos Caribe

Peruvian Lamb Stew

Guinness Beef and Onion Pot Pie

Chocolate Porter Grilled Chicken Wings

Instant Pot Drunken Beans

Grilled Chicken and Steak Kabobs

Guinness Beef Stew

Peruvian Chicken and Rice (Arroz Con Pollo)

Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork

Spicy Pub Mustard

Garlic, Bacon, and Beer Macaroni and Cheese

Slow Cooker Beer Brats with Onions Recipe

Shepherd’s Pie with Guinness Lamb and Horseradish Mash

Slow Cooker Chicken and Stout Stew

Guinness Chili


Vegetarian Sloppy Joe’s with Beer

Stacked Ale Mushrooms with Arugula and Goat Cheese

Sautéed Guinness Mushrooms

Welsh Rarebit


No-Churn Chocolate Stout Ice Cream

Reese’s Oreo Chocolate Beer Bars

Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Maple Cinnamon Frosting

Fudgy Beer Brownies

Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake

Beer and Pretzels Fudge

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies

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