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This recipe looks so perfect! I know we’d love it! 🙂

I must try this! Sounds like a perfect healthy meal!

This looks delicious…and comforting…and delicious. Did I say this looks delicious? haha Seriously, I must make this. I love smoked cheese and smoked gouda…even better!!

This looks amazing! Great pictures, too! Definitely need to try this soon.

Now this is my kind of mac & cheese! Love that you used a smoky cheese like Gouda for all the flavor and less cheese. 🙂

My favorite thing is mushrooms in mac n cheese, I love the bite. This dish looks delicious.

A) This dish look ah-mazing!!!
B) I’m glad you did what you needed to do! The numbers thing…you’re so right!
C) I love to eat all the food, too. Must lose some LBs!!!
D) I love to eat all the food!

This just looks phenomenal! I love everything about this recipe!

Well you put stuff out there about your personal life but in a way that I could relate and it was comical to boot – the post was real, it was about life and it ended up ultimately being about a fabulous recipe for mac and cheese. I am so glad you are back and we all understand the stresses of blogging and LIFE and creating balance. It’s not easy. And you sound like you have a FULL plate of life and commitments and time taking care of yourself.

Nice job with the re-entry, Erica! Just like runners, I think it’s good when foodies take a break, it did wonders for me (my psyche anyways!) This dish looks amazing and if it’s any indication about what you have coming down the line, I better get MY ass out there and step my running game up!

Thanks for sharing your story Erica. I can totally relate when it comes to food blogging. You just have to do what works for you. When you kill the passion, it truly isn’t fun anymore. So happy to see you back my friend. Best of luck!

Oh Erica, I am so happy you had the guts and strength to take an honest look at where your blogging path has taken you and which direction you choose to go next. I can so relate (as I’m sure many of us can) to all the thoughts you shared so freely with us…and even added some humor to what is a very serious subject! I am so there with you my friend as I too am evaluating where I am now (how in the world did I even get here?), what are my REAL priorities (not just in terms… Read more »

What a great photo Erica and recipe! it makes me feel like I can reach right through the computer Pinned and shared!

5 stars
A treat to my family with all the delicious and amazing combinations. Perfect Dinner.

5 stars
Made this recipe for something a little bit different and so glad I did – it was so yummy I’ll definitely be making it again!

5 stars
So love the idea of using a smoked cheese for this pasta recipe. Can’t wait to try it out!

5 stars
Oh my goodness does this sound wonderful. We are fans of mac & cheese and Gouda so this is perfect for my family.

5 stars
Such a good idea to use a flavorful cheese like smoked gouda so you can get all the flavor without so much cheese!! Love it!

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