Blackstone Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches

Blackstone Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches have bacon, egg, cheese, and tomato in buttery, flaky croissants. These easy breakfast sandwiches are cooked on the Blackstone griddle (stovetop directions included), and are a fun and special way to change up your weekend breakfast or brunch.

If you have got yourself a Blackstone and are looking for griddle breakfast ideas, I got you. First, there was my Griddle Hash Browns and now we have these croissant breakfast sandwiches that are SO stinkin’ tasty.

close side view of a hand holding a croissant breakfast sandwich

Like the Big Green Egg, once you have an outdoor griddle, you quickly learn 1) how tasty food is cooked on them and 2) they are fun to cook on. No fewer than three houses, us included, in our immediate neighborhood have them. So, when someone is planning breakfast sandwiches, we let each other know to come and get one.

On the occasion I made these for photos, it was Father’s Day. This recipe rocks Father’s Day.

Why this recipe works

Bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches are nothing new, however, this recipe is the BEST to me because we use white cheddar cheese, fresh juicy tomato, and yummy buttery flaky croissants as our breakfast sandwich delivery vehicle.

Those touches are what make croissant breakfast sandwiches the special, DELICIOUS, savory treat that they are. Taking an every day, ho-hum recipe and making a couple better ingredient swaps make all the different.


  • Bacon. My grocery store sells regularly sells bacon buy-one-get-one free, so I stock up and freeze it all. The night before I’m planning a Blackstone breakfast, I’ll take a pack out to thaw.
  • Vermont white cheddar cheese. Alternatives would be sharp cheddar or white American cheese.
  • Tomato. Very ripe tomato is best.
  • Unsalted butter. For cooking the eggs.
  • Eggs.
  • Croissants. I get mine at in the fresh bakery section of my grocery store. Use a break knife or serrated knife to split them.

Our grocery store sells croissants in two sizes: small and large. These sandwiches are plenty filling, so I prefer to get the small croissants. I make a bunch, then people can decide if they want one or more. One egg, a slice or two of tomato, and half a slice of cheese fit perfectly in the smaller croissants.

The above said, large croissants are just as delicious if that is what is available, and I have used them too. Just scale up your sandwich fillings to accommodate the larger croissant.

collage of 2 photos; left, raw bacon on griddle; right, cooked bacon on griddle

How to cook croissant breakfast sandwiches on a Blackstone

The most important key to knocking out easy breakfast sandwiches is to gather all the ingredients by your griddle before you start cooking and plan a system for keeping everything organized.

So, first get the ingredients together: eggs, cheese, sliced tomato, bacon (not yet cooked at this point), and croissants (sliced).

Turn on, prep, and heat up the griddle according to manufacturer directions. We spread a thin layer of olive oil, then wipe/remove it off with a wadded up paper towel held with tongs while the griddle heats up. Once the top starts to get a bit of a white cast, we cook.

Once ready, cook the bacon. No matter where I am cooking, my bacon mantra is to flip early and flip often. Remove the bacon to paper towels on a plate to drain. Scrape/move the bacon grease to the grease trap and wipe the griddle (again, using wadded paper towel and tongs) clean.

croissants toasting on Blackstone griddle top; warmer rack in the background

Next, toast the croissants. Place each half cut side down directly on the griddle. Because of the butter content, the croissants toast very quickly. Move them to the warming rack (if using) or simply set aside.

Press one end of the stick of butter onto the griddle in a circular motion to make a ~6-inch circle of melted butter. Crack an egg into the center of the butter circle. If you want your yolks cracked, use the spatula to break the yolk. I use the spatula to move the egg and form it into a disk approximately the size of the croissant.

Flip the egg, cook the other side, and once done transfer to the bottom half of a croissant.

To assemble the rest of the sandwich, layer on the egg: cheese, bacon, tomato, and top half of croissant. Hand that off to someone to start eating while you cook more.

collage of 2 photos: left, 2 eggs cooking on griddle; right, eggs done and ready to come off griddle

Suggested griddle accessories

There are a couple Blackstone or griddle accessories that make cooking these sandwiches easier.

  • Paper towels, olive oil, and tongs. Used to prep the griddle while heating and for clean up after cooking. The tongs are also used cooking the bacon.
  • Flat-top spatulas. Used to toast the croissants and the eggs. I find 2 used together (one in each hand) sometimes helps.
  • Griddle scraper. For cleanup.
  • Disposable aluminum tin. To line the grease trap.
  • Bun warmer (aka warming rack). This isn’t required by any means, but it is handy for keep the croissants warm while cooking the eggs.
close view of croissants sitting on Blackstone warmer rack


What are substitutions if croissants are not available?

I get my croissants in the fresh bakery section of my grocery store. Walmart carries them (large and small) as well. However, if not available, other suggestions would include bagels (this is what our neighbors use in fact), English muffins, brioche buns, Hawaiian sweet rolls, or flatbread. Croissants are made with lots of butter, so we don’t have to butter them for toasting. This is not the case with these alternatives, so spread unsalted butter on cut sides for toasting.

What are substitutions for the bacon?

If you are a meat eater, bacon is king, but I get that it may not be everyone’s jam and I know people that are unable to eat pork. So, if pork is no problem, you can substitute ham, Canadian bacon, or a sausage patty. If you want no pork, you can use my homemade chorizo made with ground turkey, leftover steak (sliced thin), vegetarian sausage (I like Morning Star maple sausage), vegan tempeh bacon, or chicken bacon (freezer section). You can also skip anything meat or meat-like, and use sliced avocado (though I would also add a little red onion for texture).

Do I need to season my griddle?

So once we get into the weeds of how to prepare your griddle, and especially how to season it if new, I am going to refer you to Blackstone’s site for all that. As time goes and experience builds, we each develop our way of doing things especially when it comes to outdoor cooking and grilling. But the first steps with a new griddle are pretty particular, so I recommend referring there.

hand holding a croissant breakfast sandwich

Last Tips

Always check that the grease trap is lined up to the griddle opening otherwise the grease will end up on the ground. Literally happened to me when I made this recipe for these photos, and I still have to go clean it up once I’m done typing this post…

Croissants are made by folding dough with butter over and over, and because of that butter they will toast QUICKLY on the griddle or under the broiler. So, don’t leave them.

I have a 36″ Blackstone, so I can cook an entire pound of bacon at once. But, the eggs need more individual attention, so I find cooking 2 eggs at a time to be just right to get a good flow going. That way, I’m knocking out 2 sandwiches at a time, which is what I have provided as servings anyway, but I don’t get overwhelmed.

Speaking of the serving, two of these croissant breakfast sandwiches is a generous serving. So while my husband has two, my kids and I each have one. So, plan and adjust amounts for who you are serving accordingly. Also, I find half a slice of cheese enough on the smaller croissants, but you may prefer more for a cheesier sandwich.

2 assembled sandwiches on white plate
hand holding a croissant breakfast sandwich

Blackstone Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches

Blackstone Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches have bacon, egg, cheese, and tomato in buttery, flaky croissants. These easy breakfast sandwiches are cooked on the Blackstone griddle (stovetop direction included), and are a fun and special way to change up your weekend breakfast.
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Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Blackstone breakfast sandwiches, croissant breakfast sandwiches, easy breakfast sandwiches, griddle breakfast ideas
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Authur: Erica
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 625kcal


  • 8 small croissants sliced
  • 8 slices bacon
  • 4 slices Vermont white cheddar cheese 1 oz per slice
  • 8 slices tomato
  • 8 large eggs
  • half a stick of unsalted butter


Blackstone or griddle preparation

  • Prep and heat the Blackstone or griddle according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Cook the bacon, flipping regularly, until crisp. Transfer to plate or tray lined with paper towels.
  • Clean the bacon grease off the griddle and into the grease trap.
  • Lay the croissants, cut side down, on the griddle to quickly toast. Transfer to a warming rack (if available) or set aside. (*see Notes)
  • Hold the butter with the butter wrapper or a paper towel and use a circular motion to spread butter on the griddle to end up with a ~6-inch circle of hot melted butter. Crack an egg into the center, and cook egg as desired (lightly scrambled or over easy). Transfer egg to the bottom side of a croissant. (*see Notes)
  • On the egg, layer bacon, half a slice of cheese, tomato, and the top half of the croissant. Serve. Repeat the process to cook additional sandwiches.

Alternative stovetop preparation

  • Heat oven broiler to high heat.
  • While broiler is heating, cook the bacon in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Transfer to paper towels to drain.
  • Put the split croissants in a single layer, cut side up. Toast lightly under the broiler (*see Notes)
  • Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Spread butter or spray cooking spray, and crack in an egg. Cook as desired (example, over easy), and transfer to the bottom half of a croissant.
  • On the egg, layer bacon, half a slice of cheese, tomato, and the top half of the croissant. Serve. Repeat the process to cook additional sandwiches.


See the body of this post for tips and suggestions not included in this recipe card.
Note the croissants will toast very quickly on the hot griddle or under the broiler because they are made with butter, so take care that they do not burn.
When cooking the eggs, I find it easy to make two at a time – so, 2 circles of butter, crack an egg in each, and cook. More than that at a time, and it gets too crazy.


Calories: 625kcal | Carbohydrates: 27g | Protein: 28g | Fat: 44g | Saturated Fat: 22g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 430mg | Sodium: 1048mg | Potassium: 381mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 8g

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