Poblano Pepper and Pepperjack Popovers

Poblano Pepper and Pepperjack Popovers

Poblano Pepper and Pepperjack Popovers …yeah, say that three times fast.

Recently, I stayed at the Trump Doral in Miami. Yes, the TRUMP Doral. Oh-la-la. Oh my. I was there for a convention for a philanthropic organization I belong to. Somehow, I managed to bring 6 pairs of shoes but completely neglected to bring a single spare pair of panties. Well, at the Trump Doral, $45 will get you a pair of panties. I will be buried in these panties.

Any-who, my point is the place was ridiculously expensive. So we brought our own cheap wine and tried our best to keep our eating costs down too (yes, I remembered to pack shoes and wine…but no panties). We went to the main restaurant, the BLT, one evening and each of us ordered just a side dish. The side dishes alone were $10-$15.

But THEN, while I was sitting there waiting for the $11 stuffed mushroom side dish that I was going to call dinner, the waiter appeared with the biggest, most gorgeous popovers ever. COMPLIMENTARY!! Three cheers for the bread basket especially when it has POPOVERS!! Big, crispy, brown, gruyere cheese-laden popovers! They were amazing. We asked for more, then had them for breakfast the next day too. And they left me totally motivated to make up a new popover.

…so here we are.

Poblano Pepper and Pepperjack Popovers
  1. 1 poblano pepper
  2. 2 eggs, room temperature
  3. 1 c milk, room temperature
  4. 1 c all-purpose flour
  5. ¼ t kosher salt
  6. 1 T unsalted butter, melted
  7. 1/2 c shredded Monterey Jack cheese with jalapenos
  8. cooking spray
  9. cornmeal (for coating muffin tin)
  1. Heat up the oven broiler. Broil the poblano pepper 1 inch from the heat, turning occasionally to get all sides charred and blistered. Transfer pepper to a ziploc bag, seal, and allow to steam 5-10 minutes. Discard the charred skin and seeds from the pepper. Dice the pepper finely.
  2. Heat oven to 400F with the popover pan or muffin tin in the oven to preheat as well.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, combine the following ingredients in the order given: eggs, milk, flour, salt, butter, cheese, and the diced poblano pepper. Take care not to overmix, especially after adding the flour. The batter should stay a bit lumpy.
  4. Remove the preheated pan from the oven and spray with cooking spray. Dust the insides of the tins with cornmeal, shaking out the excess (this will give the dough something to cling to to help the popovers puff properly). Add the prepared batter to the popover or muffin tins. Bake at 400F for 30 minutes until puffed and golden. Pierce the tops with a knife and bake another 4 minutes. Remove from the oven and serve immediately. I always eat popovers schmered with butter. Yield: 6 popovers.
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This is adapted from my traditional recipe for popovers available here.

Poblano Pepper and Pepperjack Popovers

  • http://www.culinaryginger.com Janette@culinaryginger

    Being British I’ve had my fair share of Yorkshire Pudding, but I’ve never tried a one with added ingredients, maybe I should start. These look amazing!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thanks so much Janette! I always chuckle hearing them called Yorkshire Pudding 🙂

  • http://lifecurrents.dw2.net/ Debi @ Life Currents

    Your popovers look and sound amazing! I’ll be pinning them to make later. Your story cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you so much Debi!

  • http://www.noshingwiththenolands.com Tara

    Oh my heavens, those are the most gorgeous things eveeeeerrrrr!!!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you Tara!

  • http://Runnstitch.blogspot.com Kathi Riemer

    These look marvelous!! Thank you. Pinned.

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you Kathi!

  • http://www.dearcreatives.com/ Theresa @DearCreatives

    These look amazing. I can’t wait to try your recipe.

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thanks Theresa!

  • http://growingyourbaby.com Lisa

    These look good! I pinned them to try later:)

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you Lisa!

  • http://desiretoeat.com Amallia @DesireToEat

    wow, looks delicious. One piece for me please

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      Sure! 🙂 thanks!

  • http://thefirstyearblog.com Beth @ The First Year

    Erica, these look amazing.. seriously!! I want to grab them through my screen! Drooool!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      🙂 thank you Beth!

  • http://www.shariyantes.com Shari

    These look delicious. Thanks for sharing

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you Shari!

  • http://www.hunwhatsfordinner.com Hun… What’s for Dinner?

    Holy heck, these popovers look amazing!!! I can almost taste them!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      lol thanks Cindy!

  • http://www.AuntPhilsTrunk.com Laurel Bill

    This muffin recipe looks and sounds amazing – thank you!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you Laurel!

  • https://www.facebook.com/JandLbakercruiseone john baker

    that recipe looks excellent and I shared it on my google page

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thanks so much John!

  • Dov Shapira

    Looks and sounds great.
    Can I do 50 50 white and corn flower ?

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      I dunno Duv I’ve never used corn flour – you probably can but they may not puff as much 🙂

  • http://www.kungphoo.com Kungphoo

    Wow, those look amazing! Thank you for providing the recipe!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you!

  • Lisa Hodges

    Wow! I would like to make some now and love the individual cups they are in.

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you Lisa! That’s a popover pan – it’s designed so air can circulate around the cups better to get more puff.

  • http://www.simplycalledfood.com Simply called food

    This really looks amazing and really tasty! I love it!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thanks so much!

  • http://mccallumsshamrockpatch.wordpress.com Heidy L. McCallum

    Thank you for sharing on #TheWeekendSocial ! Loved your recipe and blog post! have a great night!

  • http://www.yvonne-brown.com Yvonne Brown

    Oh my! These muffins look dynamite! I am making some as we speak!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      Awesome! thanks so much!

  • http://prettythingandco.com Madaline

    Best. Story. Ever. (And most honest too!) These popovers look delicious! Is that a special pan for them?

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      Thanks Madaline! Yes that’s a popover pan – it’s designed so air can circulate around the cups better to encourage the puffing.

  • http://www.tridoshawellness.com/ Imelda Guanzon

    Yummy! My children would love this. Thank you for the recipe!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you Imelda!

  • http://wineladycooks.com Joanne/WineLadyCooks

    Erica, that is the funniest post I’ve read in a long time. Love your popover recipe and so glad you shared it with Foodie Friends Friday party this week. I’m going to give them a try, my daughter is a popover maker, so we’ll definitely enjoy this recipe together. I’ve pinned and shared.

    Hope to see you again soon with another delicious recipe.
    A Foodie Friends Friday Co-host,
    Joanne/WineLady Cooks

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      thank you Joanne 🙂 and thanks so much for hosting!

  • http://www.homemaidsimple.com Adelina Priddis

    I’m still laughing at the lack of panties…. And making a mental note not to forget mine when I leave for a vacation monday.
    These popovers look pretty wonderful! I love peppers baked into things. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      🙂 thank you Adelina!

  • http://sumptuousspoonfuls.com Ann from Sumptuous Spoonfuls

    These flavors sound fabulous, Erica! I am pinning this one too … yum.

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      great thank you Ann!

  • http://bourbonandbrownsugar.wordpress.com MB @ Bourbon and Brown Sugar

    I always forget to bring something along when I travel – hairbrush one time, my entire make-up bag another (THAT was an expensive thing to forget as well…) Oh how I love popovers… Thanks so much for the idea!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      oh my gosh I don’t know what I would do if I forgot the makeup bag!!

  • http://saltysweetlife.com Tracey @ Salty Sweet Life

    HAHAHA! This made me absolutely laugh out loud! $45 dollar panties! Those must be some awesome panties! Gold threads, maybe? Anyway, I feel you. I always forget to pack something when I travel, and then overpack on everything else! Your popovers look divine!

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  • http://HostessAtHeart.com Julie

    I am going to go buy a popover pan just so I can make these as soon as possible!

    • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

      lol I hope you get to try them Julie!

  • http://www.thespeckledpalate.com Erin @ The Speckled Palate

    There’s nothing like a good popover, and I love how you’re bringing out the spiciness in these lovely little baked goods. They sound scrumptious!

    This recipe was one of my favorites shared during last week’s That’s Fresh Friday link-up! I’ll be sharing it at my blog tonight as a fave. Please stop by and join in on the fun this week, too! Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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  • Denise

    Hi Erica, Pinned!

    • Denise

      I obviously don’t post comments enough. What I meant to ask (before my comment posted): does Monterey jack work better than pepper jack cheese? Based on the recipe title I thought your ingredients would call the pepper jack cheese. Thank you for the yummy pop over upgrade!

      • http://ericasrecipes.com Erica (@Erica’s Recipes)

        Hi Denise thank you! I used “pepperjack” in the title for the alliteration, and specified Monterey Jack with jalapenos in the recipe listing for accuracy. Monterey Jack cheese with Jalapenos is pepperjack. They’re the same thing 🙂 Hope that clears it up! Hope you get to try them too – they’re delicious!

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